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  WEBSHOP CLICK HERE INSTAGRAM  FACEBOOK With proud we launched our new VAPOUR lights during the Dutch Design Week at the Kazerne – for more info click here for more of our project – Crystal History – click here Northmodern … Continue reading

VAPOUR light

vapour-light-vertical-studio-thiervandaalen-web © 2016 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

VAPOUR light A series of lighting elements as waving luminous vapour, which can vary in shape, colour and intensity. The irregular shape found its origin by our fascination for movement of structures in nature and the contrast between straight and … Continue reading

Round Square – accessoires

Smoke_triangle_vase-Round_Square-ST&VD-web2 © 2016 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

Light blue vase – square frame 24x24x12 cm – total hight 55cm Smoke triangle vase – square frame 24×24 cm – total hight 35cm Blue bubble vase – square frame 24×24 cm – total hight 35cm   Opaque vessel – … Continue reading

Interior Reflections

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series home accessories with colour, reflection and simplicity in mind since 2013. To start with the colour tea lights; There are high and low tea light holders, with a round colour filter in front of the flame to create a … Continue reading

Showcase Mirrors

curatorcabinet-showcase_mirror-walnut-butterfly-studio_thiervandaalen-vertical © 2016 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

      Showcase Mirrors of the series CuratorCabinet materials: acrylic glass, Ash or Walnut & mirror. variations: clear, blue, graphical patterns & opaque (light object), they are optional with a glass shelf. sizes: 50 x 42 x ±15 cm, 90 x 72 … Continue reading

Bubble coffee table

Bubble_salon_table-2015-Studio_Thier&vanDaalen-web © 2016 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

Bubble coffee table  With an unique look and effect of depth, this coffee table will bring colour at home. The bubble gives an optical illusion and a spacious feeling. Because of the removable table top you can place an object … Continue reading

Showcase Cabinets | CuratorCabinet

LARGE-hanging-showcase-curatorcabinet-cheetah2-Studio_Thier&VanDaalen-landyel © 2016 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

  Showcase Cabinets  |  CuratorCabinet By developing their own machine in which they can form plexiglass panels in organic curved shapes, they are able to make showcase cabinets with a magical effect. The most bizarre objects fit in with the … Continue reading

Glass blown shelf

Glass_blown_shell(f)-blue-ST&VD-side-web © 2015 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

Glass blown shelf A bubble shaped shelf from glass, to show your precious objects. materials: blown glass, mirror glass, aluminium mounting bracket size: approximately 28 x 28 x 15 cm year: 2015 With the fascination to show beautiful, funny or … Continue reading

Lollypop leaning lamp

lollypop-lamp-opaque_glass-Studio_Thier&vanDaalen-WEB © 2015 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

materials: blown glass, wooden stick, LED size: approximately 156 x 20 x20 cm
 year: 2015   A light that fits in every corner, a corner that can use some lightness. Because of the natural strength of glass and of the … Continue reading

Double Mirror

Double_Mirror-Translucent_Mirror-Studio_Thier&VanDaalen © 2013 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

Translucent Mirrors – Double Mirror Consisting out of one privacy mirror and one laminated glass panel with a color print in between. These panels come together at the top in a triangle. This object is on one hand to use as a full … Continue reading

Open Mirror

Bathroom Mirror - Translucent Mirror © 2013 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

Translucent Mirror – Open Mirror  The mirror is mounted on the wall as a contemporary niche. The bright blue vapor projected on the angled plane create an effect of depth. In the resulting space, you can place an object. materials: Mirror, … Continue reading

Bubble | Unique glass skylight

Bubble_glass_foil-design_a-unique-skylightdesign-2011_Iris_van_Daalen © 2011 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

‘Bubble’ Unique glass skylight design, for Politie Haaglanden Together with the renovation of the police station Bureau Hoefkade, a large piece of glass design is installed in the conference room. A fenomenal work, measuring 7 by 4,5 metres creates a different effect troughout … Continue reading

Graphical Hair | Jewellery of Hair

crown_graphical_hair_iris_van_daalen-web © 2011 Iris van Daalen. All rights reserved.

Graduation project June 2010 | Design academy Eindhoven | Man and Identity Jewellery of Hair You can do a lot with hair; this gives us a changing identity and status. Fascinated by the fact that hair is your own produced material, Iris searched … Continue reading

Organic Factory – Plastic Benches

organic-factory-waste-bench-green-studio_thiervandaalen © 2011 Studio Thier&VanDaalen. All rights reserved.

Organic Factory | benches out of plastic overproduction Graduation project Ruben Thier – Design Academy Eindhoven 2010   In a factory, overproduction is common. In between shifts, plastic is dripping on the floor. Instead of this, Ruben Thier created containers for … Continue reading

Forget me not

Forget-me-not_Ruben-Thier_LP_Seetrough_record-player_001_Schneider © 2010 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

Forget me not | vinyl record & record-players REVIVE Graduation project Design Academy Eindhoven – 2010 Forget me not is a series of products from the past. I created a new function for almost forgotten products. Old and redundant record players become … Continue reading