VAPOUR Light - studio Thier&vanDaalen - invitation © 2012 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

  WEBSHOP INSTAGRAM  FACEBOOK With proud we show our newest projects including our newest  VAPOUR lights, during the Milan design week from 4-9 April in a light space at the courtyard of Autofficina! Massimiano 23 – Ventura Lambrate With proud … Continue reading

SOLID/LIQUID food dishes

SOLID-LIQUID - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web © 2017 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

  a series of geometric yet playful food dishes for restaurants and at home. materials: HI-MACS, beech, brass variations: round, long, wide & petit year: 2017   With SOLID/LIQUID, Studio Thier&vanDaalen created a series of food dishes where they intuitively … Continue reading

VAPOUR light

vapour-light-horizontal-120-studio-thiervandaalen-web-2 © 2016 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

materials: Aluminum, LED, Nylon, PMMA variations: horizontal & vertical sizes year: October 2016 A series of lighting elements as waving luminous vapour, which can vary in shape, colour and intensity. The irregular shape found its origin by our fascination for … Continue reading

Angled cabinet – display dressoir

angled-cabinet-studio-thiervandaalen-web-5 © 2016 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

  a series of modular frame cabinets by Studio Thier&vanDaalen materials: Oak, smoke glass variations: dressoir, high cabinet, small cabinet year: October 2016 It is clear that the studio is fascinated by wooden frames. A framework of posts and beams … Continue reading

Infinity glass panels

infinity-glass-panels-stvd-web-6 © 2016 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

Infinity glass panels – October 2016  Iris has captured her fascination for colour, reflection and the infinity of light in patterns between glass. Translated into a series of interior glass panels with lighting and mirroring. The glass pieces can be … Continue reading

the Plastic mine

the Plastic mine - black&white side table - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web-2 © 2011 Studio Thier&VanDaalen. All rights reserved.

  home accessories from industrial plastic waste materials: Recycled Polyethylene variations: side table, mirror, vessel, shelf etc. year: October 2016 Excavated lumps of industrial plastic waste, translated into a unique and marbled range of accessories for in- and outdoor. Ruben … Continue reading

Layer Layer – jewellery line

layer-layer-studio-thiervandaalen-web-5 © 2016 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

 materials: acrylic, screws, foil variations: bracelet, necklace, ring, brooch year: October 2014 A play of coloured geometric layers in contrast with the curves of the human body. The screws connect the pendant with the elegant silver necklace to a transparent … Continue reading

Round Square – Cabinets

Round_Square-High_cabinets-ST&vD-web-5 Studio Thier&vanDaalen

  glass bells to show your precious objects  materials: glass & Wengé, Ash or Walnut variations: cabinet, light object, vessel, vase etc. year: 2014-2015 The Shanghai Museum of Glass has acquired the high standing cabinet of the series Round Square. … Continue reading

Round Square – accessoires

Smoke_triangle_vase-Round_Square-ST&VD-web2 © 2016 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

glass bells to show your precious objects materials: glass & Wengé, Ash or Walnut variations: cabinet, light object, vessel, vase etc. size: diverse year: 2014-2015 When blowing soap bubbles in the air Iris & Ruben had the dream to capture … Continue reading

Interior Reflections

overview-interior-reflections-studio-thiervandaalen-photography-noortje-knulst-web © 2016 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

series home accessories with colour, reflection and simplicity in mind since 2013. To start with the colour tea lights; There are high and low tea light holders, with a round colour filter in front of the flame to create a … Continue reading

Showcase Mirrors

curatorcabinet-showcase_mirror-walnut-butterfly-studio_thiervandaalen-vertical © 2016 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

Wall cabinet of the series CuratorCabinet materials: acrylic glass, Ash or Walnut & mirror. variations: clear, blue, graphical patterns & opaque (light object), they are optional with a glass shelf. sizes: 50 x 42 x ±15 cm, 90 x 72 x … Continue reading

Showcase Cabinets | CuratorCabinet

LARGE-hanging-showcase-curatorcabinet-cheetah2-Studio_Thier&VanDaalen-landyel © 2016 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

By developing their own machine in which they can form plexiglass panels in organic curved shapes, they are able to make showcase cabinets with a magical effect. The most bizarre objects fit in with the advantage that you can see … Continue reading

Bubble coffee table

Bubble_salon_table-2015-Studio_Thier&vanDaalen-web © 2016 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

Bubble coffee table  materials: acrylic glass, Walnut/Ash & glass. variations: colours and sizes frame size: 75 x 75 x 35 cm, round glass top 90 cm frame size small: 45 x 45 x 45 cm, round glass top 60 cm … Continue reading

Glass blown shelf

Glass_blown_shell(f)-blue-ST&VD-side-web © 2015 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

A bubble shaped shelf from glass, to show your precious objects. materials: blown glass, mirror glass, aluminium mounting bracket size: approximately 28 x 28 x 15 cm year: 2015 With the fascination to show beautiful, funny or precious objects, Studio … Continue reading

Lollypop leaning lamp

lollypop-lamp-opaque_glass-Studio_Thier&vanDaalen-WEB © 2015 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

materials: blown glass, wooden stick, LED size: approximately 156 x 20 x20 cm
 year: 2015   A light that fits in every corner, a corner that can use some lightness. Because of the natural strength of glass and of the … Continue reading

Translucent Mirrors

Double_Mirror-Translucent_Mirror-Studio_Thier&VanDaalen © 2013 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

Translucent Mirrors – Double Mirror materials: Privacy mirror, laminated glass, powder coated steel  size: 60 x 60 x 160 cm dessin: Algea year: 2013 Fascinated by the effects of depth and transparency, Ruben and Iris have designed a series of interior mirrors. Reflections … Continue reading

Forget me not

Forget-me-not_Ruben-Thier_LP_Seetrough_record-player_001_Schneider © 2010 Studio Thier&vanDaalen. All rights reserved.

Forget me not | vinyl record & record-players REVIVE Graduation project Design Academy Eindhoven – 2010 Forget me not is a series of products from the past. I created a new function for almost forgotten products. Old and redundant record players become … Continue reading

Graphical Hair | Jewellery of Hair

crown_graphical_hair_iris_van_daalen-web © 2011 Iris van Daalen. All rights reserved.

Graduation project June 2010 | Design academy Eindhoven | Man and Identity Jewellery of Hair You can do a lot with hair; this gives us a changing identity and status. Fascinated by the fact that hair is your own produced material, Iris searched … Continue reading