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  Follow us on: INSTAGRAM  FACEBOOK Vapour & Lens light during Milan Design Week 2017 NEW: ROD & DOT jewelery for sale link: THE YOUNG COLLECTORS II – during the Dutch Design Week ’18 – 20-28 Oct. – Populierenweg – … Continue reading

DOT & ROD – Jewelery line

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  DOT & ROD jewelery by Studio Thier&vanDaalen An elegant silver or gold plated necklace is laced through the bright coloured acrylic ROD or DOT hangers. Resulting in a transparent and minimalsitic jewel. So minimalistic it fits with everything! Great to mix and match, create your favorite combination in … Continue reading

SOLID/LIQUID coffee tables

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coffee tables Circular design research with solid surface kitchen and bathroom leftovers. With extensive research, the studio developed a circular system to create new meaning to otherwise discarded pieces of beautiful material with unexpected possibilities and circularity. When the studio designed … Continue reading

SOLID/LIQUID food dishes

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Food dishes made from solid surface leftovers (Hi-Macs, Corian, Betacryl and more). Since 2017 With extensive research, the studio developed a circular system to create new meaning to otherwise discarded pieces of beautiful material with unexpected possibilities and circularity. When the studio … Continue reading


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materials: Aluminum, LED, Nylon, PMMA variations: horizontal & vertical sizes year: VAPOUR light October 2016 – LENS light April 2018 A series of lighting elements as waving luminous vapour, which can vary in shape, colour and intensity. The irregular shape … Continue reading

the Plastic mine

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home accessories from industrial plastic waste materials: Recycled Polyethylene variations: side table, mirror, vessel, shelf etc. year: October 2016 Excavated lumps of industrial plastic waste, translated into a unique and marbled range of accessories for in- and outdoor. Ruben was … Continue reading

Infinity glass panels

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  INFINITY GLASS – luminous interior glass panels materials: coloured glass, mirror, LED lighting year: October 2016 Iris has captured her fascination for colour, reflection and the infinity of light in a series patterns between glass. These patterns she translated into a … Continue reading

Round Square – Cabinets

Studio Thier&vanDaalen

 glass bells to show your precious objects materials: glass & Wengé, Ash or Walnut variations: cabinet, light object, vessel, vase etc. year: 2014 The Shanghai Museum of Glass has acquired the high standing cabinet of the series Round Square.  When … Continue reading

Showcase Mirrors

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Wall cabinet of the series CuratorCabinet materials: acrylic glass bubble, Ash or Walnut frame & mirror. variations: clear, blue, graphical patterns & opaque (light object), they are optional with a glass shelf. sizes: 50 x 42 x ±15 cm, 90 x … Continue reading

Glass blown shelf

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A bubble shaped shelf from glass, to show your precious objects. materials: blown glass, mirror glass, aluminium mounting bracket size: approximately 28 x 28 x 15 cm year: 2015 With the fascination to show beautiful, funny or precious objects, Studio … Continue reading

Translucent Mirrors

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Translucent Mirrors – Double Mirror materials: Privacy mirror, laminated glass, powder coated steel  size: 60 x 60 x 160 cm dessin: Algea year: 2013 Fascinated by the effects of depth and transparency, Ruben and Iris have designed a series of interior mirrors. Reflections … Continue reading

Forget me not

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Forget me not | vinyl record & record-players REVIVE Graduation project Design Academy Eindhoven – 2010 Forget me not is a series of products from the past. I created a new function for almost forgotten products. Old and redundant record players become … Continue reading

Graphical Hair | Jewellery of Hair

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Graduation project June 2010 | Design academy Eindhoven | Man and Identity Jewellery of Hair You can do a lot with (your) hair; as long as we exist, it gives us identity and status. Fascinated by the fact that hair is your … Continue reading