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The cabinet seems to adapt to its content, as a fragile bubble. As soap bubbles on sticks, they seem to float in the air.’

By developing their own machine in which they can form plexiglass panels in organic curved shapes, they are able to make showcase cabinets with a magical effect. The most bizarre objects fit in with the advantage that you can see it from all sides. Because the cabinet hangs or stands serene within the space, there is something magical and poetic around it. When will the bubble snap..!?

Show your most beautiful and precious object in an organic shaped showcase cabinet, so that they reinforce each other, to receive a lot off attention.

a few examples to curate in this cabinet; stuffed animals like a crown crane bird or a Cheeta, designer clothing, fashion accessories, bouquet of flowers, a collection of camera’s, toy’s and so on.

LARGE-hanging-showcase-curatorcabinet-Studio_Thier&VanDaalen-vert-yel LARGE-hanging-showcase-curatorcabinet-cheetah2-Studio_Thier&VanDaalen-landyelLARGE-hanging-showcase-curatorcabinet-empty_detail3-Studio_Thier&VanDaalen-landyelLarge Hanging Showcase Cabinet ± 115x115x120 cm wooden frame 75x75x90 cm



CuratorCabinet-High_showcase_cabinet-DDW13vierkant-smallStanding high Showcase Cabinet ± 65x65x138 cm wooden frame 42x42x130 cm

Hanging opaque lamp ± 65x65x68 cm wooden frame 42x42x50 cm

The first Showcase Mirror

During the Dutch Design Week 2012

CuratorCabinet_overview3some_Studio_Thier&VanDaalenStanding high Showcase Cabinet ± 65x65x138 cm wooden frame 42x42x130 cm

Curator Cabinet Dressoir: ±130x45x80 cm

Milan Design Week 2012

Showcase_Counter_at_You_ARE_HERE-Studio_Thier&VanDaalen1Custom display counter for the YOU ARE HERE store in Eindhoven 2013

At Mint shop in London May 2013 

Bijenkorf_Amsterdam-MATTIJS-Studio_Thier&VanDaalen cooperation with fashion designer Mattijs van Bergen in 2014 at the Bijenkorf Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Den Haag – Eindhoven

from left to right: Iris, Ruben, Mattijs and Renee

Hanging long Showcase Cabinet ± 85x85x115 cm wooden frame 65x65x90 cm

Custom Hanging cabinet with bouquet of butterflies for a client 2015

the high standing showcase cabinet with ship of hair placed on the beach of Panorama Mesdag Museum in The Hague during Design kwartier 2016

Showcase Mirror: 42x50x±15 cm

Graphical Showcase Mirror: 42x50x±15 cm & Smoke Large Showcase Mirror 75x90x±25 cm

Showcase Mirrors since 2012

The kick-off Curator Cabinet in 2011

Photos: Studio Thier&vanDaalen




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