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Layer Layer – jewellery line

  •  materials: acrylic, screws, foil
  • variations: bracelet, necklace, ring, brooch
  • year: October 2014

A play of coloured geometric layers in contrast with the curves of the human body. The screws connect the pendant with the elegant silver necklace to a transparent and monumental jewellery line.

The transparent and reflective quality of the jewellery will mix with clothing and skin colour into endless variations.

Now available at our webshop

layer-layer-studio-thiervandaalen-web layer-layer-studio-thiervandaalen-web-2Rainbow – iridescent

layer-layer-studio-thiervandaalen-web-6 layer-layer-studio-thiervandaalen-web-5Water – Light Blue

layer-layer-studio-thiervandaalen-web-4 layer-layer-studio-thiervandaalen-web-3Morning – light green

layer-layer-studio-thiervandaalen-web-9layer-layer-studio-thiervandaalen-web-10Night – Royal Blue

layer-layer-studio-thiervandaalen-web-7layer-layer-studio-thiervandaalen-web-8Moon – Black & White

photos: Hein Gijsbers Photography

Styling: Studio Zwart

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