A series of lighting elements as waving luminous vapour, which can vary in shape, colour and intensity.

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  • materials: Aluminum, LED, Nylon, PMMA
  • variations: horizontal & vertical 100 cm
  • since: October 2016
  • This design is part of the collection Hollands Licht since December 2018
  • you can order at our webshop

The irregular shape found its origin by our fascination for movement of structures in nature and the contrast between straight and organic shapes. The way a flower blooms, how beautifully vapour grows up in the air or the hypnotising effect of rolling water.

These movements we translated into a series of light objects, that can take a surprising appearance. Gracefully, it may take different forms and curves by pulling or twisting the flexible outer shell. By doing this, you can manipulate the shape yourself.

The subtle emission of light appears on the pattern of the luminous bar. The flexible outer shell absorbs the light and glows out on its surrounding as a decorative lighting solution.

The initial series consists out of two colours, two sizes both in a horizontal and vertical version. The transparent shell has a soft feeling like a vapour, were the black version has a more graphical identity.

LED light is implemented in an in house developed light fixture. It is possible to change the intensity of light with the use of a dimmer.

  • materials: Aluminum, LED, Nylon sleeve, PMMA rod
  • variations: horizontal & vertical 
  • since October 2016
  • size: 100 cm
  • The colour temperature 2700k
  • colours shell: White, Black or Blue 
  • colour light fixture: Champagne or Black
  • 900 lumen per light fixture, horizontal 1800 lumen in total

Lens Light

2018-04 - Salone Satellite 2018 - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web-9VAPOUR & Lens light at Salone Satellite Milan 2018

2018-04 - VAPOUR light - blue floor lamp - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web-2 2018-04 - VAPOUR light - blue floor lamp - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - webStanding VAPOUR light in blue version

2018-04 - Salone Satellite 2018 - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web

2018-04 - Salone Satellite 2018 - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web-10Lens light on the wall mount

VAPOUR light - on location - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web


vapour-light-vertical-studio-thiervandaalen-web-2 vapour-light-details-studio-thiervandaalen-web

Presentation - Ventura Lambrate 2017 - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web-4Presentation - Ventura Lambrate 2017 - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web-9Milan design week 2017-  ENLIGHTEN2017-10 - THE YOUNG COLLECTORS DDW 2017 - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - pictures by Noortje Knulst - web-2photo: Noortje Knulst

Photos: Studio Thier&vanDaalen


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  1. Wim Hoevers

    Graag ontvang ik van u een prijsopgave en levertijd alsmede verkooppunten van de werkelijk prachtige vapour lampen.

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