Graphical Hair | Jewellery of Hair

Graduation project June 2010 | Design academy Eindhoven | Man and Identity

Jewellery of Hair

You can do a lot with hair; this gives us a changing identity and status. Fascinated by the fact that hair is your own produced material, Iris searched and experimented with hair, until she got in perfectly in control. She can use it as a strong material to build and form with.

‘Hair is stubborn, it goes always her own way. It is messy and magnificent at the same time.’

Iris made jewellery of human hair combined with resin,where it becomes as smooth and flat as a mirror. By putting the jewels on, it blends in with your own hair. It is new way to capture and wear hair forever. To become more aware of her value, beauty and to visualise how proud we can be at hair.

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 Photos: Lisa Klappe

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