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Infinity glass panels


INFINITY GLASS – luminous interior glass panels

Iris has captured her fascination for colour, reflection and the infinity of light in a series patterns between glass. These patterns she translated into a series of interior glass panels with lighting and mirroring. Normally, a pattern is indicated with a coloured line, Iris has left the lines open to get more transparency and to let the light go infinite.

The glass pieces and light bar can be combined and layered in infinite combinations, which result in unique colour blends and light effects on their surroundings. Together with both sun and artificial light, the pieces will constantly change during day and night.

The panels are also possible on custom order!

This series is elaborating on their project; Translucent Mirrors

Made since 2016 in the Netherlands in-house studio – materials: coloured glass, mirror, LED lighting

For special request, purchase or questions please email us.


Infinity glass - ARC - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web-2

Infinity glass - ARC - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web-5

Infinity glass - ARC - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web-4Infinity glass - ARC - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web-3ARC – one panel 35 x 120 x 1 cm

Infinity glass - WAVE - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web-3Infinity glass - WAVE - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web-5Infinity glass - WAVE - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - webWAVE – size one panel: 82,5 x 55 x 1 cm

Infinity glass - LAMELLE - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - webInfinity glass - LAMELLE - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web-3 Infinity glass - LAMELLE - Studio Thier&vanDaalen - web-2LAMELLE – one panel 30 x 160 x 1 cm

Photos: Studio Thier&vanDaalen


Above a short movie of the graduation project of Iris van Daalen in 2010 at the Design academy Eindhoven.




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