Vapor Display Mirror

Translucent Mirror – Vapor Display Mirror

The mirror is mounted on the wall as a contemporary niche. The bright blue vapor projected on the angled plane create an effect of depth. In the resulting space, you can place an object.

Fascinated by the effects of depth and transparency, Ruben and Iris have designed a series of interior mirrors.

Reflections such as projected lines and colours on walls and floors provide an extra dimension which changes the mirror images during the day. Thanks to the use of slanted steel, a transparent privacy mirror and laminated glass, exciting reflections are created with subtle fascinating effects.

In these mirrors you can see yourself and the deeper layers behind it. You can zoom in, where you find a microscopic view of cells, lines or stains ranked in a pattern. Both designers have a great fascination for microscopic views. ‘A miniature world which is not perceptible with your own eyes.’

Transparency is again their focal point, they create a space that does not exist; a new image seems to emerge.

Made since 2013 in the Netherlands in-house studio – materials: Privacy mirror, laminated glass, powder coated steel, size:  100 x 16 x 36 cm

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Bathroom Mirror - Translucent Mirror

Open Mirror - Translucent Mirror - Studio Thier&VanDaalen

photos made by Lisa Klappe




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