Graduation project ’10 – Forget me not

Forget me not | vinyl record & record-players REVIVE

Graduation project: Ruben Thier at Design Academy Eindhoven – 2010

Forget me not is a series of products from the past. Ruben created a new function for almost forgotten products. Old and redundant record players become a jewel, visible from all around on its own legs.

Finally you are able to watch inside, where a world of wires, tubes and motors rule. It is all moving and glowing. You can discover how it works.

The record player combined with a Fold out Vinyl record leads to a musical play-box revealing sound and visuals.

Put on the music and the world starts to spin around.

some examples:

  • record: Police | Roxanne
  • record: Dolly Parton | 9 to 5
  • record: Wham | Last Christmas


For special request or questions please email us.



Forget-me-not_Ruben-Thier_Foldout-vinyl-record_LP_Roxanne-Police Forget-me-not_Ruben-Thier_Foldout-vinyl-record_LP_9to5-Dolly-Parton

Forget-me-not_Ruben-Thier_Foldout-vinyl-record_LP_Christmastree Photos: Studio Thier&vanDaalen

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