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YUME YUME x studio Thier & van Daalen

YUME YUME and studio Thier & van Daalen launch a collaboration that fuses fashion with design. For this partnership, the Dutch design duo Thier & van Daalen presents a collection of hand-selected recycled plastic design shelves that feature intricate patterns. Alongside the design shelves, the limited edition special drop includes YUME YUME’s signature slides, the Suki & Tyre slide in a matching color palette.

The Plastic Mine collection by studio Thier & van Daalen turns irregular shaped factory overproduction plastics into unique and striking circular home accessories. Working with 3 different two-tone themes, the Dutch design duo created a limited series of 45 shelves while YUME YUME played around with the puffy straps and footbed in matching Shiny Lilac/Black, Shiny Blue/Grey and Orange/Pink. The limited shelves are numbered from 1 to 45 and launch on May 26th on YUME YUME’s website

YUME YUME dreams to build a multi-disciplinary artistic space that attracts creatives from different fields. While working together with other creative minds, they are committed to blurring the lines between art and fashion by pushing their boundaries beyond the ordinary: rethinking ordinary life and co-exploring new concepts. 

‘’Most of the time there is a hidden beauty within regarded ‘waste’, therefore we see it as a new ‘raw’ material, as a starting point where we can create new designs to keep the conversation going and most importantly show the beauty of regarded industrial waste. Like the coloured shelves of the series ‘the Plastic mine’.’’ – Iris van Daalen

‘’When I first saw the colour shelves of the Plastic mine, I was drawn to the distinctive shapes. When I learned  that the plastic waste foundations of the shelves are found in these colors and shapes without any alteration, it symbolizes the beauty of uniqueness. I feel it is very important to be present in the world around you and always keep looking to transform waste into design, therefore this first design collaboration is very special to us.‘’ – Eva Korsten (creative director YUME YUME)

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