Solid / Liquid Table

Circular design research with solid surface kitchen and bathroom leftovers.

For at home, your garden or balcony

With extensive research, the studio developed a circular system to create new meaning to otherwise discarded pieces of beautiful material with unexpected possibilities and circularity.

a table is the most important element in your home, garden, cafe or restaurant! Do you need a dinner table on your balcony? Soft, tactile and colorful!

It is made of residual / leftover solid surface pieces, therefore every table will look slightly different, your unique circular table! 

When the studio designed a custom kitchen for a client with a solid surface worktop, they discovered the amount of leftovers which is created in the process of making it. This was the reason to partnership with the factory and collect the most beautiful leftovers where the kitchen tops and amongst other products are made out of Hi-Macs, Corian, Betacryl and more.

We have a collection at our studio, were we choose together with the client the right colours.

These pieces of different sizes, colours and textures, are composed in a series of tables, coffee tables, food dishes and cabinets / console each with a unique identity. Resulting in great interior pieces with up-cycling and consciousness in mind. It is available in many colours and it requires a lot of sanding and manual work, but the surface will become as soft as velvet, with a high tactile value!

Solid surface material is a delicate composition of acrylic, minerals and natural pigments that combine to create a smooth, non porous, thermoformable and visually seamless surface. The material meets the highest standards for quality in all aspects: material performance, fabrication, functionality and hygiene. Mostly used in kitchen, bathrooms, hospitals and counterdesks.

Made since 2019 in the Netherlands in-house studio – materials: HIMACS, Corian leftovers with a steel base, size: 75 x75 x75. You can choose your favorite colour(s) we have available

For special request, purchase or questions please email us.


It all started…

With SOLID/LIQUID, Studio Thier&vanDaalen explored the possibilities of HI-MACS by using a corresponding and contrasting colour for the liquid solid surface. Instead of using the liquid solid surface in an invisible way, they used it as a decorative part of the design.

The name SOLID/LIQUID resembles the process of creating the pieces; geometric shapes of solid surface material are fused together. Thereby, the studio created a relief within the solid pieces for the liquid solid surface to go its own way, creating new shapes and effects within the boundaries of the pattern. Have look on our website SOLID/LIQUID Kitchen

This research is made possible with support of Baars&Bloemhoff and CORA techniek.




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