DOT & ROD – Jewelery line


DOT & ROD necklaces

An elegant silver or gold plated necklace is laced through the bright coloured acrylic ROD or DOT hangers. Resulting in a colorful and minimalistic necklace. Choose one or more colour DOTS and/or RODS that suit you and we will place it on a silver or gold chain for you!

So minimalistic it fits with everything!

When the round colour filters are made form the series Interior Reflections, the studio has a lot of little left-overs. These left-overs where the starting point of this series, where they came up with the idea to make use of it and create a simple yet contemporary jewelery line!
 By layering different geometric shapes and composing a collection of colour options, they kept on playing with the shapes to create these series.

Made since 2018 in the Netherlands in-house studio – materials: acrylic left-overs, 925/- silver or gold plated necklaces. 

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