Project: ‘Bubble’ Unique glass skylight design

‘Bubble’ Unique glass skylight design, for Politie the Hague, 2011

Together with the renovation of the police station Bureau Hoefkade, a large piece of glass design is installed in the conference room. A phenomenal work, measuring 7 by 4,5 metres creates a different effect troughout the day. The design, made by Iris van Daalen and the production process are especially developed for this project.

Iris van Daalen got commissioned by M2uur to create a design for a semi-transperent ceiling panel made from glass. Van Daalen graduated with ‘Illusional Foils’ at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2010. For this she dirived inspiration from structures, lines and colours out of the nano-nature. By layering the design, an effect of spatial illusion is created.

Van Daalen: ‘This design is composed out of abstracted bubbles, ranked as an organisation chart. Everyone is in connection with each other, resulting into a web of influences. The fragile structure of the artwork ‘Bubble’ symbolizes order, structure as well as authority and the transience of this. I liked to change the pure functional space into a space were you can amaze and desire. A place where you may dream, relax and come to comprehension.’

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Bubble_detail_1_ Iris_van_Daalen Bubble_detail_2_ Iris_van_Daalen Bubble_detail_3_ Iris_van_Daalen 2 Bubble_detail_3_ Iris_van_Daalen Bubble_detail_4_ Iris_van_Daalen Bubble_detail_5_ Iris_van_DaalenBubble_aanbouw_ Iris_van_Daalen

Photos: Studio Thier&vanDaalen

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