Project: Bubble Showcase Desk – Bedrijvencentrum Utrecht

The Bubbel Desk – commissioned for het Bedrijvencentrum Utrecht 

We were asked to design a special counter for their entrance with as many bubbles as possible to welcome everybody who works there!

‘The cabinet seems to adapt to its content, as a fragile bubble. As soap bubbles on sticks, they seem to float in the air.’

By developing their own machine in which they can form plexiglass panels in organic curved shapes, they are able to make showcase cabinets with a magical effect. The most bizarre objects fit in with the advantage that you can see it from all sides. Because the cabinet hangs or stands serene within the space, there is something magical and poetic around it. When will the bubble snap..!?

Show your most beautiful and precious object in an organic shaped showcase cabinet, so that they reinforce each other, to receive a lot off attention.

a few examples to curate in this cabinet; stuffed animals like a crown crane bird or a Cheeta, designer clothing, fashion accessories, bouquet of flowers, plants, a collection of camera’s, toy’s and so on.

Designed and produced in 2019 in the Netherlands together with woodworker Rene Siebum, materials: recycled acrylic glass panels, mirror glass & oak. Client: Shari Lee gumbs & het Bedrijvencentrum Utrecht 

For special request or questions please email us.

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