Project: Bubble Cabinet Butterfly Installation

Bubble Cabinet Butterfly Installation – commissioned for a private client

For a private client we designed this long hanging bubbel cabinet with side door. To showcase and display many variations taxidermy butterflies, as if they fly in and out the bubble.

We designed a butterfly installation to let the butterflies float.

The cabinet seems to adapt to its content, as a fragile bubble. As soap bubbles on sticks, they seem to float in the air.’

These bubbles in a wooden frame brighten up your day! As if your souvenir floats in a bubble! It can pop or burst any moment, be aware of your surroundings and try to live in the moment.

By developing their own machine in which they can form plexiglass panels in organic curved shapes, they are able to make showcase cabinets with a magical effect. The most bizarre objects fit in with the advantage that you can see it from all sides. Because the cabinet hangs or stands serene within the space, there is something magical and poetic around it.

a few examples of what we could curate in these cabinets; first shoes, children’s drawings, founds of nature, taxidermy like a crown crane bird or a Cheeta, butterflies, designer clothing, fashion accessories like bags, shoes, a wedding dress, a bouquet of silk flowers, a collection of camera’s, toy’s and so on.

Designs in 2015 in The Netherlands in-house studio – materials: recycled plexiglass, Walnut wooden frame, taxidermy butterflies, tempered glass plate, butterfly installation.

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